Welcome to my blog / website / media dump / livejournal2k2000

Look at your feet, that's where the bar is set. There wont be any inspirational quotes about how my dreams should inspire you. There wont be period pieces. There wont be opinions of college kids who think they know how the world should work after a bachelors degree. There won't be tutorials (there might be) and I wont be posting memes or asking for you to subscribe, like, share, hashtag, retweet, or comment(however if you do thats cool too). There won't be a youtube series, there wont be a fall, winter, summer, or spring line, and I wont be charging you for stickers. There won't be an app, chat room, or texting service. There's no lookbook. No one will sponsor this so there wont be advertising disguised as content and there's no one to contact to promote your "brand." There are no shirts, pins, ties, cufflinks, socks,  thongs, and there's certainly no "limited edition". I wont be asking for donations to ride across country to "find myself" and I'm not going to take nudes and charge you to see them. No lives will matter and no one will be based, brave, edgy, conscious, or woke. The situation will not be lit. There won't be any rights, correctness, opposition, segregation, degradation, or constipation.
This is my life, fuck off or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

What will there be?

I like having fun, I like shooting photos. I've been shooting photos of fun for a while and it's time I did something with them besides compress them to instagram. This will be mostly digital photo, but I've got some film and just cool shit on video as well. Don't expect much.

If you wanna sign up for bikersforchildabuse that's cool too, leave $50 at the 7-eleven on mills and 50, and I'll send you a t-shirt and post your butthole on instagram.